Workforce Loyalty

Workforce loyalty = Keeping your people engaged

Developing genuine loyalty in your workforce may be a lot simpler than you’ve imagined, even though you have missed the mark on making it happen.

According to The U.S. Department of Labor, the average tenure of millennials is only 3 years, with most walking away in just 14 months.

In a blog titled “Millions of Bad Managers are Killing America’s Growth,” Gallop CEO Jim Clifton wrote, “The problem is, employee engagement in America isn’t budging. Of the country’s roughly 100 million full-time employees, an alarming 70 million (70%) are either not engaged at work, or worse, actively disengaged.

The latest research from Gallup shows that “managers from hell,” as Gallup calls them, are creating active disengagement of employees and costing the United States, and Canada to a lesser degree, an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion each year.

Put simply, just because your employees smile pleasantly as you pass them, doesn’t mean they don’t think you’re a manager from hell. Let’s face it – the last person who’s ever going to find they’re seen as a manager from hell is the manager from hell.

The real bottom-line of your organization is rooted in the quality of the relationship of the people who work with and for you. As Gallup points out, the No. 1 predictor of success is the quality of one’s relationships.

Clifton writes, “…when leaders wake up and say collectively, ‘Let’s get rid fo managers from hell, double the number of gret managers and engaged employees, and have those managers lead based on what actually matters,” everything will change. The country’s employees will be twice as effective, they’ll create far more customers, companies will grow, spiraling healthcare costs will decrease and desperately needed GDP will boom like never before.

The simplicity of it is that your employees will be engaged when they feel a strong connection to the organization and what it stands for. Moreover, they will be fully engaged when they feel a genuine connection to their peers and, of course, those who lead them.

Clearly, the No. 1 strategy for developing a fiercely loyal workforce is to have your people stay engaged. But to stay engaged, they will have to care. To care, they must know that their employer, boss, manager and leader actually cares about them.

If you truly want to develop a corporate culture of people who are fiercely loyal, closely examine how your team does relationships and, for that matter, if the whole organization is supporting or destroying them.

By: Dov Baron

Read the article in its entirity by downloading the August 2015 issue of Connect HERE.

Taken from the article “Developing a Loyal Workforce,” originally published in the August 2015 issue of Canvas


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