What Small Business Owners Are Focusing on in 2018

What small business owners are focusing on in 2018

What are the biggest goals for small business owners in 2018? According to Infusionsoft’s “2018 Small Business Marketing Trends Report,” 31 percent say that driving sales tops the list, with 25 percent citing they will prioritize retaining or re-engaging the customers they already have. The report, based on queries from 1,000 small business owners across the United States, examined why small business owners admit it’s hard to find the time or resources for marketing. Here’s a look at what they say is their biggest challenges heading into 2018:

21.4% – Finding time and resources for marketing

19.1% – Converting leads into sales

14.8% – Won’t be using digital marketing

13.7% – Generating web traffic

12.6% – Retaining and re-engaging customers

9.8% – Capturing leads

8.6% – Understanding marketing tactics and trends

This Infographic explains it very well:  Chart-Toppers

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